NEW! An exclusive 10 day training course

Bettina is committed to sharing her wealth of knowledge, know-how and expertise in a 10-day onsite retreat package that includes training for those wishing to embark on learning the art of skin care, body massages. 
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Bettina Papenkort opened a beauty training centre in response to demand from her own clients. These courses are open to all students who wish to either learn a new skill or to develop their existing knowledge. Although a wide cross section of students attends these courses, recently they have been particularly popular with yacht stewardesses to use on board.

Please bear in mind that all courses can be instructed in one of three languages; German, English or Spanish.

The courses cover full body massage, facials, skin care, reflexology, lymph drainage, aroma therapy, classic cosmetics and Thalasso mud treatment. Training for manicure, pedicure and eyelash tinting is combined with body massage, reflexology and aromatherapy.

The main emphasis is to treat clients holistically with organic, pure products. These products, which are supplied by reputable Spanish and French companies, use ingredients from all over the world and all the therapeutic and medicinal range of natural care products have been thoroughly tried and tested.

All course instruction is personally given by Bettina Papenkort who brings over 35 years of experience and knowledge to the training.



Before training, the student meets with Bettina in her centre to run through what is included in the course. The student's expectations and the training programme.

The recommended hours are carried out in blocks of 3 hours twice or three times a week, the schedule can be flexible depending on the availability of the students. It's important to bear in mind that the fundamental objectives of the course is a keen interest in learning the subject and a real desire to become a professional beauty and massage therapist. Bettina will create a tailored course to the students level of experience from the basics to developing existing skills and knowledge.

During the lessons students practise on one another or for personal training different models will be invited. It's important and beneficial to allow time to practise and study between the practicals to attain the high level Bettina wishes her students to achieve on completion of the training.

In additional the courses offer facial and body cream preparations and essential oil combinations, all using natural products. This has proved to be especially popular, providing the students the opportunity to understand and be able to develop their own unique range of products drawing on their own newly gained knowledge, using readily available produce where they happen to be located.

All instruction is personally given by Bettina Papenkort who brings over 35 years of experience, knowledge and personal insight to the training. Please bear in mind that all courses can be instructed in one or more of the three languages; German, English and Spanish.



Bring note pad, pens and highlighters, as working with creams and oils is not conductive to typing up notes onto ones Ipad.
Arrive with comfortable white cotton clothing, comfortable white soft shoes and hair band if necessary.
For hygienic reasons change into these cloths at the centre. This instills a sense of professionalism from the beginning.


Beauty & Skin Care
BioCosmetic combined with Aromatherapy workshop.
• Learn distinction of skin types and their responding remedies
• Purify and cleanse to support lymphatic drainage
• Massage face, neck and décolletage with essential oils for moisturizing skin and relaxing muscle system

Full Body Massage
A combination between deep tissue Swedish, Thai and Aromatherapy massage incorporating
Acupressure Points from Reflexology and elements of Lymphatic Drainage

Activate the Meridians, our Highways of Energy


Group Training
Teaching session 26 hours
Model assessment 9 hours
950.00€ (per student)
Max 5 students per course over 1 month period

Personal Training
26 hours 1,820.00€ (per student)
Tailored specifically to the student by mutual agreement

Payment Terms
Upon registration, a 200€ non-refundable deposit will be charged.
(This amount is deducted from the final payment on completion of the course).
Full and final payment must be made at the end of the day of the first training session.



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Bettina Papenkort Massage Training
"Although I started from nothing, Bettina shared a great amount of knowledge and techniques that allowed me to provide unique deep tissue and facial massages.
Not only to mention the fantastic venue of her spa, Bettina's teaching is at the same time creative and structured. She is generous and gives you a lot of useful professional tips gathered from her experience."

Bettina Papenkort Massage Training
"I thoroughly enjoyed the course: there was the right amount of practical and theory for me. More than the course, Bettina made me feel at home and a part of the local community while I was in Mallorca. I learnt a lot and still practise the massage techniques that she taught me 3 years ago.
*I give massages to family and friends on occasion, but am not practising professionally*"
Unaisa Essa

Bettina Papenkort Massage Training
"Was an immense pleasure to learn such a therapeutic, relaxing and restorative practice in such beautiful surroundings. Sensory overload. Heady mixture of essential oils and the garden that flows into the house. Bettina is an amazing teacher. Sunshine in a bottle!"


Bettina Papenkort Massage Training
"More than a course, my time studying with Bettina was a haven of peace and tranquility, and a joy to go to each morning. Jane Price


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